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About us

The TEENAGE KINGS serve up rip-off garage trash with dirty chainsaw riffs and an extra dose of desperation, lust and beer sweat. Their songs have two verses, two choruses, a guitar solo and never last longer than two and a half minutes.

The TEENAGE KINGS have shared the stage with great bands like Zodiac Killers, Candy Snatchers, Dirtbombs, Columbian Neckties, and the Monsters.

In 2000, musicians Milieu Heinz, Rafiki, and Thaiboy made their stage debut, marking the start of their remarkable garage rock career. Led by pinup boy Milieuheinz, King of the TEENAGE KINGS, and Master of chest hair, their first single, "Don't fool me," followed a year later on Zurich Chainsaw Massacre Records. Despite the low production quality, fanzines praised them, with Joachim Hiller, editor of the Ox Fanzine, declaring them as proof that Switzerland produces great punk bands.

Since then, the TEENAGE KINGS have performed extensively in Zurich and surrounding areas, as well as on tours through Germany, Italy, Austria, and Holland.

In 2005, they released the split CD/LP "Fist Fight Story" with Hukedicht from Winterthur, featuring a co-version of "We Are the World" that united the entire Zurich and Winterthur punk rock elite to form the biggest screaming male choir in Switzerland. 

Their first album on Subversiv Records, "Desperate As Fuck," came in 2006, containing thirteen lo-fi bangers and lasting only 20 minutes, but still earning praise.

In 2010 they celebrated their 10th anniversary with the EP "köm a go go", featuring seven lo-fi bangers recorded with the shittiest microphone in town.

In the following years Fabian took over the bass and in 2021 they released their EP "Ooh It's a 7" Single" which confirms that TEENAGE KINGS still deliver the sawing lo-fi garage punk they are known for.


Milieu Heinz          Leadvox / Guitar

Fabian                     Vox / Bass

Rafiki                      Drum

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